FDA all set to ban flavored e-cigarettes and vaping pods from 2020

FDA all set to ban flavored e-cigarettes and vaping pods from 2020
The Siliconreview
02 January, 2020

Food and drug administration is all set to ban electric cigarettes and vaping pods from 2020 except menthol and tobacco. This ban on flavored pods can bring about a ban on a nearly complete flavored vape. The main reason behind this ban is that the lung injuries from vaping were on the rise. The number of lung cancer cases is also increasing at the same time.

The FDA has allowed the use of menthol flavoring in addition to tobacco. The flavor ban will be applied only to pods such as flavored nicotine liquids. The ban is meant to curb the rise in teenage vaping as these flavored vapes are gaining attention from the young population. Major companies like Juul have already stopped selling all flavored pods.

Commenting on this the US President Donald Trump stated that “the flavor ban would not be permanent. Flavors would be removed for a period of time, checked for safety, and could return to the market if they were deemed to be safe. Hopefully if everything’s safe they’re gonna be going very quickly back onto the market.”

Tobacco and e-cigarette industry is one of the biggest industries in the USA which is one of the main sources of income. The ban on these cigarettes might affect the US economy. Trump is still discussing this issue with the authorities of the FDA and will be revealing the future of e-cigarettes as early as possible.