Google Earth’s new feature adds views of outer space on mobile

Google Earth’s new feature adds views of outer space on mobile
The Siliconreview
30 January, 2020

Google Earth adds a new feature that now allows web and pro desktop users to get a view of our planet with different moons, stars in the background. But the starry background is now replaced with a plain black background when it is viewed on the mobile. Now the tech giant has updated a new feature on Google Earth which has the ability to display the starry universe on phones as well as on tablets, thanks to the fact that smartphones are more powerful than ever.

The recent update will allow the users to see images of Milky Way as the globe is been rotated. The users will also be able to view starts as they’d disappear 30,000 miles above the planet. This exactly sounds awesome if you ever wanted to be a space scientist in your childhood. Google also has a 360-degree rotation which allows the user to see the entire globe with different starts present around it.

Google said that adding stars is an effort to make sure that the program looks more realistic than before, and it also has animated clouds to show weather patterns around the world. "Realism is important to us, we want people using Google Earth to see our planet in context with our place in the universe," program software engineer Jonathan Cohen stated.