MoviTHERM Introducing Advanced Thermography Solutions in the Cameras

MoviTHERM Introducing Advanced Thermography Solutions in the Cameras
The Siliconreview
07 January, 2020

MoviTHERM has been offering specialized thermographic solutions to consumers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and beyond for over two decades. The broad set of technologies for the business and its competent engineering team make MoviTHERM a valuable resource for all non-contact temperature measurement activities.

Back in 1999, MoviTHERM began developing custom thermal imaging software solutions as a small engineering consultancy. The company later became a manufacturer of the FLIR camera, adding turnkey tools to its offerings.Several large aerospace companies are using Infrared Non-Destructive Test Systems from MoviTHERM for the identification of defects in carbon composite structures. “We were involved in many state-of-the-art technology endeavors, ranging from flying cars, rockets and other space crafts, electric cars, airplanes and the list goes on. We have a very special company with a very unique set of skills, unmatched in the industry” adds Markus Tarin, Chief Executive Officer.The company also made a significant contribution to several media productions toping the list with live broadcasting of a music video shot in complete darkness using its thermal cameras.