Regulatory Frameworks Enhancing the Societal Benefits of Drone Technology

Regulatory Frameworks Enhancing the Societal Benefits of Drone Technology
The Siliconreview
24 January, 2020

The World Economic Forum and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) inked a deal to co-design and pilot policy principles and regulatory frameworks that enhance the societal benefits of Drone Technology and minimize the associated risks. MDEC will directly collaborate with the portfolio of Aerospace and Drones of the World Economic Forum to achieve the goals of this partnership. MDEC's collaboration with the World Economic Forum will focus on working with Malaysian authorities to establish a policy framework for drone delivery and a possible launch of Southeast Asia's first drone delivery service. The main intention behind this partnership is to develop a regulatory framework that can serve as a model for the region and beyond. This alliance sets Malaysia as the heart of Digital ASEAN.

"Countries that don't move fast enough to responsibly enable emerging technologies will find themselves at a disadvantage economically" said Timothy Reuter, Head of Aerospace and Drones at the World Economic Forum.

As the lead agency, MDEC aims to partner with the WEF to use its mechanisms and case studies specifically related to policy development to support the pilot implementation of DroneTech Global Testbed on drone deliveries. The success of this pilot will allow Malaysia to speed up technology adoption, especially emerging technologies.