Samsung unveils an AI human-like avatar Neon at CES 2020

Samsung unveils an AI human-like avatar Neon at CES 2020
The Siliconreview
08 January, 2020

Samsung has officially unveiled Neon, its latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) project in the CES 2020 summit, and has billed the project as an artificial human with a computationally created virtual being which acts and behaves like a real human; it also has an ability to show emotions as well as intelligence. The company also ensured that Neon is not an AI assistant such as Bixby and Alexa, or the android.

Neon’s are human-like avatars that can sympathize as well as converse just like real humans. Neon’s project head PranavMistry in the summit said that it is a new kind of life and it will be human’s best friend, collaborator, and companion which will be continuously learning, forming memories as well as evolving from their interactions with humans.

Neon has next-generation artificial intelligent entities that have been created by the Star Lab’s CORE R3 and SPECTRA engines. Of the two new technologies, the CORE R3 engine has been unveiled to bring about a lifelike reality while the Spectra will help in providing the Neon with great intelligence, emotions, learning, and memory.

The Star Labs, for now, is only previewing Neon at CES 2020. But the product has to still undergo beta testing in several other countries. But the firm has not yet confirmed about making the product readily available to the public, it is available only to the selectable community in the future.