SpaceX to test its Crew Dragon’s launch on January 18th

SpaceX to test its Crew Dragon’s launch on January 18th
The Siliconreview
13 January, 2020

SpaceX is always known to try something different. This year it is all set to edge an inch closer to put humans aboard in its Crew Dragon, which is a private space flight. The firm is planning to test the launch of the spacecraft’s capsule escape system on the 18th of January 2020 through an in-flight demonstration at its headquarters. This will help the firm to know about the dry run check and the total weight the spacecraft can carry during the ascent stage.

The company last year tested the launchpad aborts and the release of the parachute. Now it is testing the ascent stage in order to ensure the safety of its crew who will be traveling in the spacecraft. Prior to this test, SpaceX completed the first fire static test of the Falcon 9 on January 11th, thereby clearing the path for the upcoming Crew Dragon demonstration.

SpaceX in a recent press meet stated that it will be the last and most crucial test for Crew Dragon before it gets approved by the panel of renowned astronauts. SpaceX is also waiting for the astronauts to approve the relevant crewed test for its staff (Demo-2). A company participating in human spaceflight will be a reality, even if it could take the spacecraft ferrying people to and from the International Space Station if everything goes as per the plan.