The Best Technology for Startups

The Best Technology for Startups
The Siliconreview
10 January, 2020

We are in a world made for startups, and it is been true ever since the economy shifted from the traditional giants to the Silicon Valley big names. The startup rise has been virtually unstoppable.

The projects vary from creating new services to solve everyday problems, online sites like Casino Winner that make games more accessible to everyone, to apps that help people find true love online.

Most, if not all, startups rely heavily on technology to achieve success. So what are technological trends or backbones that startups rely on, use the most and find more valuable? Here are a few:

Big Data

Data is huge for startups. The information obtained from the millions of user’s activities on computers, mobiles, apps or even watching TV can provide clear guidelines for consumer’s needs, wants and behaviors. It can be used in many ways, some startups specialize only in collecting the data, some analyze it, and many other build products around it. All of them monetize it in some way. As always information remains a key factor in business.

Making It Mobile

The smartphone has become a pinpoint of change in how people relate to the world, each other, products, and services. So it’s only natural that for startups looking to connect, and ultimately to sell, that they take the project to mobile platforms. Programing their idea into mobile-friendly tech, creating a user interface and experience that makes them, the go-to for whatever it is they offer. Bottom line is, if it can be made into an app, it should be.

Managing People and Time 

Startups still need people, and the more organized those people are, the better for every aspect of the business. Time and work management tools keep startups going full throttle, it can be the deciding factor for success. That’s why all of them implement the latest technology in work management. Also taking into consideration that one of the hardest tasks for these companies is attracting and keeping talent. A startup that can provide a better work/life balance, with a healthy working environment, will come out on top with the most wanted candidates.

Creating Prototypes  

Technology has made production more accessible for everyone, and it has been revolutionary. Prototyping is one of the most important tech tools for startups, the ability to create a ‘test’ version of a product, and be able to correct errors, and improve on functions, quicker with less cost, makes it an ultra-valuable aid for startups. Having a prototype can also be a game-changer when startups are looking for funding, it can bring them closer to getting the nod of approval, and backing, from bigger companies or to be able to fund themselves through consumer’s support.

At the end of the day, what makes or breaks a startup is a great idea. No matter how simple, if the idea solves a problem, creates a need or amazes the consumer, it will find its way to the top, but it will always need the support of the best technology out there to make it.