Evans Incorporated Transferring Its Corporate Name to Evans Consulting

Evans Incorporated Transferring Its Corporate Name to Evans Consulting
The Siliconreview
27 Febuary, 2020

Evans Incorporated (Evans) is a major management consulting firm; the company recently announced that it is transferring its corporate name to Evans Consulting. The change is part of a wider re-brand, and follows Jack Moore and Bob Etris, the managing partners, acquired the company in 2019. "In 2020, we at Evans Consulting want to build upon 25 years of delivering human-centered business solutions to our clients. Our refreshed brand honors our past and emphasizes our vision of more fully supporting our customers' modernization needs," said Jack Moore, Managing Partner.

Evans Consulting helps companies manage the challenges of change, helping them to achieve their strategic goals more efficiently. The company has a proven track record at the Federal Aviation Administration of teaming up with the servant leaders who want to start executing emerging technology. The drone-focused PropelUAS brings together over 100 years of aviation expertise to help customers start and grow unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Government and private sector firms are struggling to effectively and strategically deploy emerging technology.

Evans Consulting, while leaders in change and transition, embraces the latest changes and seeks to enlarge its unique approach to organizational advancement. The new name will be effective immediately and enforced across the products and services of the company throughout the fiscal year 2020.