Qumulo is gearing up to launch “Qumulo Hybrid File Software v3”

Qumulo is gearing up to launch “Qumulo Hybrid File Software v3”
The Siliconreview
27 Febuary, 2020

Qumulo is a forerunner in the hybrid cloud storage segment and recently the company made an announcement regarding the release of their new offering Qumulo Hybrid File Software v3. The new storage system will be the first launch for the company in the new decade and it has addressed various aspects like simplifying data insights, security, and scalability to make this hybrid cloud a reality. Recent research from ESG suggests that almost 90 percent of the organizations want on-premise storage that will be compatible with the future and current cloud goals. With the release of v3 software, Qumulo will become a significant part of leadership in the hybrid cloud file storage, along with that it can also provide enhanced performance, increased security, simple real-time analytics, massive scalability on-premise, and integrated backup functionality.

 Vice president of product in Qumulo, Ben Gitenstein stated that the data insights are very crucial for innovation and business success. Due to the rise in demand for enhanced security and data protection adoption of hybrid cloud is important. The new system will provide actionable information and well-specified management along with high visibility. Qumulo’s cloud solution will allow users to manage their data and workflow seamlessly.