SAPA: New Version of the Exclusive Premium GNSS Positioning Service

SAPA: New Version of the Exclusive Premium GNSS Positioning Service
The Siliconreview
03 Febuary, 2020

Sapcorda Services GmbH recently released a new version of Premium GNSS Positioning service SAPA (Safe and Precise Augmentation). This is a GNSS service provider focused on precision GNSS mass markets. The company's product and service portfolio was built to serve automotive, manufacturing, and consumer markets of high volume. This platform enables mass-market GNSS devices to function with high accuracy and reliability across the states of Europe and the Continental United States. Enhanced output with instantaneous subdecimeter location accuracy is enabled by cutting-edge technology from the company for products used in all consumer applications. SAPA is addressed using the open industry-recognized SPARTN format which enables the efficient distribution of correction data through internet and satellite broadcasting.

"When using our service, users across Europe and the United States can experience homogeneous, gap-free, advanced positioning performance with any GNSS hardware designed for high precision positioning", CTO Rodrigo Leandro said. The SAPA service is geared to mass market applications like creative mobile technologies, IoT applications, as well as conventional maritime markets. In 2017 Sapcorda was formed by Bosch, Geo++, Mitsubishi Electric and u-blox as a joint venture. Sapcorda currently serves in Europe and the USA with offices.