UNEP to create new sustainable and social well-being community

UNEP to create new sustainable and social well-being community
The Siliconreview
26 Febuary, 2020

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has presented its new set of guidelines at the 2020 tenth World Urban Forum to create and integrate approaches for a cleaner and sustainable environment. The recent reports suggest that cities today are responsible for 75 percent of global energy use which causes the emission of greenhouse gas. Most of the urban growth in the world is unplanned and incoherent, that leaves a huge gap in environmental protection.

To overcome this UNEP has planned to design a more sustainable neighborhood and a handful of eco-cities around the world to showcase the latest innovations in green technologies and practices. “Encouraged by the powerful numbers of the Weight of Cities report, we decided to develop guidance on integrated approaches to harness the climate and resource potential and related benefits for health and well-being. Targeted at urban practitioners, we concentrated at the neighborhood level to take out some of the complexities that come with integrated approaches,” said UNEP’s Martina Otto.

Many countries have already used such technologies to integrate a variety of energy, water, transportation, and waste management. The guidelines are intended to initiate and follow few processes which are engaging and build upon the sense of communities. Strategies and guidelines have different methods to create nature-based and bioclimatic principles for buildings, constructions, circularity, decarbonizing energy, and many more.