Allseas acquires Vitoria 10000 for an innovative marine project

Allseas acquires Vitoria 10000 for an innovative marine project
The Siliconreview
03 March, 2020

Allseas along with its partner DeepGreen Metals Inc has acquired “Vitoria 10000”, as ship known for its deep water prowess in order to undertake a new research mission. The project is touted to be the world’s largest integrated ocean surface-to-seabed research program and its aims to fully understand the effect of nodules and its retrieval from the ocean bed. The information obtained will help Allseas to minimise the impact that some of its projects have on the environment.

“To have partners like Allseas bring their engineering excellence and passion to help get this industry started makes us, and the industry, very fortunate. The Green transition is going to require hundreds of millions of tonnes of nickel, copper and cobalt, and our research shows that ocean polymetallic nodules could provide society with these critical minerals at a fraction of the environmental and social impacts associated with land-based extraction,” ,” said DeepGreen Chairman and CEO Gerard Barron.

The vessel, Vitoria 10000, is being converted for use by Allseas and DeepGreen Metals and will be operational in 2021. This initiative is a project that will aid both the companies in their mission of sustainable extraction of metals from the ocean bed.