Nokia races ahead with 5G capabilities added to its WING

Nokia races ahead with 5G capabilities added to its WING
The Siliconreview
18 March, 2020

The Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING) of Nokia will now have access to 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) capabilities. The upgrade will help the latest Internet of Things service that runs on higher speeds and lower latency of 5G networks.

Operators can now skip the part where investments in infrastructure need to be made and directly capture early IoT market share. According to the Finnish vendor, it will bring a pay-as-you-go business model for the new capabilities. The marketing manager for Nokia WING, Gyorgyi Krisztyian, had explained that the current technology, 4G won’t be sufficient to fulfill the requirements of the new use cases and hence an upgrade to 5G was imperative. He further pointed out that as time goes by we will be surrounded by millions of sensors and smarter things. These new devices will all be interconnected and would hence require bandwidth. As applications and use cases evolve, data transfers need to happen in real-time. The rapid expansion of IoT would also make the security aspect of it more critical.

The 5G ready technology would be useful in network slicing to realize the full potential of the diverse use cases. For operators to test 5G IoT services, a new WING 5G Lab is now available in Dallas, Texas.