Starbucks to suspend the use of personal cups due to fear of epidemic

Starbucks to suspend the use of personal cups due to fear of epidemic
The Siliconreview
05 March, 2020

Since 1985, Starbucks has been following a tradition of offering a ten cent discount to environmentally conscious customers who brought in their own reusable cups in order to savor their fresh brews. Due to the looming threat of coronavirus which is causing terror all over the world, the coffee serving behemoth has resorted to suspending this service of theirs as a temporary precautionary method. For further safety, the Seattle based coffee chain has also resorted to cease all business related travel till the scare dies down.

EVP Rossann Williams said, “The Company will continue to honor its 10-cent discount for anyone who brings in a personal cup or tumbler for coffee, even though customers can't use them.We are optimistic this will be a temporary situation.We will continue to communicate with transparency and act courageously and responsibly to ensure the health and well-being of our partners and customers.Large meetings at the company's offices in the United States and Canada are being postponed or modified.”

Starbucks wasn’t clear on how long these new changes will be implemented but it is assumed that they will stay in place till the epidemic dies down. The sustainable method adopted by Starbucks in letting customers bring in their own cups has saved tons of paper cups since its implementation.