Thomas Baskind Photography – using the latest technology to capture unique moments

Thomas Baskind Photography – using the latest technology to capture unique moments
The Siliconreview
19 March, 2020

From weddings and honeymoons to family events and graduations, every special moment carries a unique meaning that should be immortalized. For the past 15 years, Thomas Baskind has helped clients capture the beauty of these moments so that they can be re-lived many years later. Thomas Baskind has been trained as a photojournalist, so his approach is always focused on human emotion, not staged or unnatural frames.

Experienced both in traditional and digital technologies, he has always believed that photography is one of the most important outlets of creative expression and that the photographer should adapt to the setting, not the other way around. 

Tom Baskind has his own studio where he can host photoshoots, but he is also available for location photography and can travel to meet you.

Celebrate special events

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone or digital camera, and while these are great tools for capturing beautiful moments, special events are better left in the hands of professionals. You don’t get a chance to experience your wedding or graduation twice, so you should be present in the moment as much as possible and let a professional capture it for you. That way, when you look back, the photos will pull you right in, and you’ll have a vivid recollection of how you felt.

Because Tom Baskind has photojournalism training, his approach to photographing weddings and events is very subtle. Unless the newlyweds and guests request a photo, he believes the photographer’s presence shouldn’t be noticeable because some people don’t like being on camera, and they can come across as embarrassed or uncomfortable in photos. The stress of posing shouldn’t belong on your special day; it’s all about enjoying each other’s company, being yourself, and living the moment to the fullest.

Since the beginning of his photography journey, Thomas Baskind promised himself to be a storyteller and capture in photos the essence of every event: preparations before the wedding, guests laughing and having fun, or a proud father embracing his daughter on graduation day. Thomas Baskind’s photos are filled with sincerity and emotion and reveal the subject’s uniqueness.   

Let portrait photography highlight your personality

While selfies can be fun, some occasions deserve to be immortalized with a professional camera, through portrait photography. Thomas Baskind can help clients with beautiful portraits for all family members, including babies and pets.

Because not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, Thomas Baskind goes the extra mile to make sure that every subject feels at ease and lets their personality shine through. What makes a good portrait? Gear and technique are essential, but Thomas Baskind also believes that a beautiful photo should also be about harmony and capturing the subject’s emotions – even when the subject doesn’t think they look good in photos.

Portrait photography is always an excellent idea before special occasions such as a wedding, graduation, engagement, Christmas dinner, birthday, or when welcoming a new pet to the family. However, it’s also a great way to celebrate a loved one and the beauty of everyday life.