Wondershare Software Launches Award-winning PDFelement 7 PDF Editor for Windows and Mac

Wondershare Software Launches Award-winning PDFelement 7 PDF Editor for Windows and Mac
The Siliconreview
12 March, 2020

Wondershare Software, an emergent leader in user-friendly applications for mobile and desktop environments, has released version 7 of its PDFelement PDF Editor for Windows and Mac. Available in Standard and Professional editions, PDFelement 7 comes with a fully redesigned interface that the company believes will be a game-changer in the document management software segment.

PDFelement 7 is essentially a professional PDF editor and an affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat DC and Pro DC. Available for a monthly subscription or as a one-time perpetual license, signing up for PDFelement 7 Standard or PDFelement 7 Pro will give you access to the full ecosystem of apps, which include desktop apps for both Windows and macOS as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS on the respective app stores.

Key Features of PDFelement 7

With PDFelement 7, Wondershare has taken the core UI back to the drawing board and developed a refreshed look that is both leaner and functionally superior to PDFelement 6 and its Pro sibling. The contrast is a little softer and there’s a lot more balance of light and dark colors, which works to provide a cleaner and more user-friendly look and feel.

Edit and Annotate PDFs

The core functionality is the ability to edit any PDF element without having to convert a file into its native format. The intuitive editing tools allow you to replace text in the exact same font, color, and size. Images can be rotated, flipped, replaced, cropped, resized, repositioned, added, and removed. One of PDFelement’s claim to fame, according to the company, is that layout integrity is maintained throughout the editing process, which basically means you can’t make a mess of it because the software will snap elements into alignment when you’re changing the content.


Annotation tools are quite comprehensive, and include an array of callouts, symbols, shapes, highlights, underlining, stamps, and other markup components. In addition to the standard markup tools, you can also add attachments such as videos and other media as comments for others to see and access.

Convert PDF To and From Other Formats

Whether you want to create a PDF file from one or more disparate source files or transform a PDF document into a different file type, PDFelement does the job quickly and reliably. The company says that the software is designed to handle very large documents and complex PDF content containing dissimilar elements like text, URLs, video attachments, images, watermarks, headers, footers, and more. In every sense, the Pro version is an Enterprise-grade software capable of standing up to the rigors of real-world testing. It offers batch processing, advanced optical character recognition (OCR) processing of scanned PDFs, advanced form field recognition and data extraction features.

Creating a merged PDF from several other document sources is as simple as importing them together into the software and letting the conversion engine do all the heavy lifting. According to Wondershare, several of its clients have attested to an increase in document workflow efficiencies at large organizations where PDFelement has been deployed, and the upgrade to PDFelement 7 has been a much-awaited event.

Comprehensive PDF Forms Management

Forms are notoriously hard to document and manage, especially if it’s a mix of scanned and digital forms numbering in the thousands on a daily basis. PDFelement takes the stress of forms management away to a great degree with features like automatic conversion of non-interactive forms, a large library of form templates, lightning-fast import/export, and high-accuracy form data extraction. At the other end of the spectrum are the basics like form-filling, adding signatures, and so on.

PDF Security and Privacy Tools

PDFelement has always used the latest encryption technologies for its password security feature, and PDFelement 7 and 7 Pro are no exceptions. In addition to being able to add access passwords (Open or User password) as well as restrict editing and other actions (Permissions or Owner password), PDFelement 7 comes with a convenient tool to mark any content for redaction and then redact that content in a single, non-reversible action. You can also leverage the search function to find all instances of a particular piece of text and mark all of them for redaction.

PDFelement 7 also comes with highly customizable watermarking capabilities to protect your intellectual property. Attributes like the type of watermark, size, position, transparency, etc. can be controlled from a convenient pop-in tool panel that gets out of the way when you’re not using that feature. That intuitiveness in the UI is what makes PDFelement 7 stand out at a solid PDF tool for businesses of all sizes.

About Wondershare

Wondershare is a maverick software company in a highly competitive space. They’ve released several blockbuster programs that have redefined their respective genres. The Filmora suite of video editing and other audio-visual tools has set several benchmarks, as has the dr. fone toolkit of applications for mobile data and device management. PDFelement 7 is the latest star in the Wondershare firmament, further validating the company’s role as a prolific software creator that is focused on improving the productivity and efficiency of digital workflows across multiple industry segments.

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