10 Tips for Passing the PMP Exam in 2020: Are You Ready to Take on the Challenge?

10 Tips for Passing the PMP Exam in 2020: Are You Ready to Take on the Challenge?
The Siliconreview
16 April, 2020

Aspiring project managers must meet the challenge and pass the PMP exam before they can become a professional. Training is just the start of a project management career and prepares the professionals for their career path. Reviewing 10 tips for passing the PMP exam helps the aspiring managers to become better prepared and ace the exam.

  1. Complete an Online Refresher Course

Completing an online refresher course helps the students review all course materials again before attempting to take the PMP examination. The courses help the students review vital tasks they will complete as a project manager. It's paramount for the student to assess project management tasks presented through their studies and master these skills before taking the test. Understanding each element of managing a project shows the student what to expect in their career and preferred industry. Project management students who want to pass the examination increase their chances by participating in online PMP Exam Prep now.

  1. Complete Practice Tests

Completing practice tests helps the students gauge their progress and determine their strengths and weaknesses. The tests are available online and give the students their results as soon as they finish the test. It also shows what answers the student got wrong. Reviewing the questions they got incorrect helps the students determine what information they need to review before taking the examination. The practice tests help the students get more answers correct and increase the rate of passing the exam successfully. Taking several tests over the course of their training program helps the students determine how likely they are to pass the exam.

  1. Get the Most Out of the Required 35 Hours of Training

Getting the most out of their required 35 hours of training helps the aspiring project manager learn more during their training opportunities. Choosing the industry in which they want to work helps the project managers train more in their preferred field and increase the chances of passing the exam for the specific job field. Catering to the project manager's preferred career path prepares them for their chosen career more proactively and gives them a better chance of succeeding once the new manager passes their exam and gets a license.

  1. Use Resources through PMI to Your Advantage

Using resources their membership through the Project Management Institute gives the aspiring manager opportunities for more training and preparation options. The organization is designed to help project managers succeed in their selected career field and make connections with other professionals in their field. Membership helps the project managers after they receive their licenses and might present job offers. Accreditation could increase the project manager's ability to become an asset for future employers.

  1. Review Real-World Scenarios to Sharpen Problem-Solving Skills

Reviewing real-world scenarios to sharpen problem-solving skills prepares the project manager for the examination and tests their skills. As they train to become a project manager, the professionals must approach a variety of problems in the field that require them to have grace under pressure and act quickly. Reviewing real-world problems in the field helps them understand what steps to take on the job site and cultivate superior problem-solving and troubleshooting skills. These skills are necessary to pass the exam and find greater success in the job field.

  1. Practice and Study Project Management Terminology

Practicing and studying project management terminology helps the project managers master vocabulary sections of the examination. Terminology is just as important as any practical concepts presented in the training courses. Using flashcards and study guides improves the student's chances of passing the test and absorbing the extensive vocabulary used in project management.

  1. Practice Flow Charts and Project Planning

Practicing flow charts and project planning concepts helps the managers complete the necessary documentation for creating a project plan. This includes setting up a team, milestones for the project, and determining deadlines for deliverables. Creating the documentation helps the project manager complete feasibility studies for the project and determine what changes are needed for each project. When taking the PMP examination, the students will be presented with tasks related to the project life cycle, and they must answer questions about creating the plan and how to get started. Reviewing each step prepares the students for the examination and increases their rate of passing successfully.

  1. Create a Study Group with Other Students

Creating a study group with other students gives the students the motivation they need to study and master each concept of project management. Study groups make it easier to break down each section covered on the exam and helps the students prepare together instead of getting bored and losing motivation. Each of the students works together and test each other. It's a better way to absorb the information without it all seeming so overwhelming for each student alone. Completing prep and practice tests together improves their ability to master all the skills needed to become a project manager.

  1. Review Coursework that was Difficult

Reviewing coursework that was difficult for the individual helps them to improve their chances of passing. It is difficult concepts that could derail their ability to pass the test. Going over these portions of the coursework again helps them to master the skills proactively. Refreshing their knowledge with these difficult options helps them to master the topics and learn more about these topics. It increases their chances of passing.

  1. Get Plenty of Rest and Reduce Stress Levels

Getting plenty of rest and reducing stress levels before the exam helps the students pass the test, too. If they don't get enough rest, the students cannot stay focused on the exam and will miss some of the test answers. Finding better ways to manage stress can also help them pass and avoid stressful situations during the examination.

Aspiring project managers review a variety of concepts when studying for the PMP examination. Practice tests, real-world scenarios, and problem-solving opportunities help the managers score higher on the examination. Reviewing techniques for studying for the PMP examination helps the project managers master the exam and start a lucrative career.