$100 Coupon Inside: Lanmodo’s Colored Car Night Vision Camera Makes your Night Driving Safer

$100 Coupon Inside: Lanmodo’s Colored Car Night Vision Camera Makes your Night Driving Safer
The Siliconreview
13 April, 2020

About Lanmodo Brand

Lanmodo is a well-known brand that manufactures world-class products for outdoor enthusiast like campers and car drivers. The brand has grabbed the attention of people since its inception in 2015. Lanmodo got popularity across the globe with the launch of world’ first multipurpose automatic car tent in 2017 that not only protects the car in all four season but also acts as a camping tent and an outdoor umbrella. In 2018, Lanmodo introduced an innovative car night vision that’s unique in its own way. Keeping in mind the problems faced by night drivers, this night camera from Lanmodo is a boon for driver’s safety.

Brief Introduction of Lanmodo Car Night Vision Camera

Lanmodo car night vision system is an excellent product that proved to be a life saver for night drivers. This full color night vision system shows the real image of the road on its large 8.2 inch IPS screen display. It shows high-quality and crystal clear image of what’s lying ahead even if there is complete darkness on the road. It’s easy to install and gets fitted in 99% car models. Now let’s look at some of its key features.

Key Features of Lanmodo Car Night Vision:

  • Displays Colorful Image

With Lanmodo car night vision camera, you would never feel unsafe driving at night. The image shown by Lanmodo night vision is fully colorful and vibrant representing the real condition of the road. The IPS display is large enough to capture a wide area and give you a comfortable view. The realistic image shown by Lanmodo NVS saves the night drivers from the problems faced due to poor visibility.


  • Covers Wide angle

Lanmodo car night vision captures a broad angle of 36° and extends up to a distance of 300m. This allows the night drivers to clearly see what’s there in the road far away. It will save the drivers from sudden breaks and sharp turns which are considered as the main reasons of road accidents during night time. Also Lanmodo car night vision is deployed with rear view camera, the standard length of the connector line is 6.25m, but it can also be customized to suitable for almost all car models.

  • High Definition Image

You will be able to see every detail that you might miss even in light. The clear and high-quality 1080p resolution image of Lanmodo car night vision reflects the true situation even if the road has poor lights and low visibility. It also works equally well during rains, fog and bad weather conditions. Moreover, it’s waterproof too.

  • Easy Installation

The Lanmodo night vision camera for car can be easily installed by anyone as it doesn’t need any special skill. Irrespective of the vehicle size and model, it fits every type of vehicle. You can mount it on the dashboard with a non-slip mat or you can also hang it in the front window using a suction cup.


Background of the Night Vision System Market

Due to the increasing number of accidents every year, it is very important that every vehicle has night vision system. But except the higher end cars, all the other vehicles don’t comes with an inbuilt night vision system. Whereas, Lanmodo NVS is a practical and flexible option that can be installed on any vehicle. Also, it’s feature-rich and much cheaper than what’s available in the market today.

Advantages of the Lanmodo night vision:

  • Clear visibility – With high-resolution, colorful and bright image, you get a clear visibility of the road. Also, it covers a wide view and long distance to show what’s lying far ahead on the road.

  • Fits 99% of car models – Lanmodo car night vision camera is designed to fit almost all car models and large vehicles like truck. It’s super easy to install and gets started in no time.

  • Affordable – The price of Lanmodo NVS is very cheap as compared to in-built night vision system that highly expensive and not affordable for everyone.

Real test video

If you are a night driver and looking for a night vision device that provides you maximum safety then Lanmodo night vision camera for car is the ultimate choice for you. It is loaded with highly useful features like full color image, large screen, high-resolution display, wide coverage, easy installation etc. Also, its price is unimaginably low as compared to the inbuilt systems that are available in the market.

You can buy the Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System from the Lanmodo store and Amazon as well. However, if you buy from the official website, you can avail $100 discount with code: LMDNVS_SR . Go and grab it now! Happy Easter and safe driving!