Vail is recognized by Green Destinations group for its sustainability efforts

Vail is recognized by Green Destinations group for its sustainability efforts
The Siliconreview
10 April, 2020

Safeguarding the environment is the need of the hour as its sustainability is one of the biggest issues faced by mankind today. Many organizations are working towards the survival of future generation. Among such companies is Vail, which has been honored with the 2020 “Best in Americas” award for continued progress made toward waste diversion. The award is sponsored by Green Destinations, a global nonprofit foundation promoting sustainable tourism.

Vail was supposed to be recognized during the annual ITB Berlin tourism conference in Germany. However, the conference was canceled due to the virus pandemic. Better late than never, Vail will now be recognized during an awards ceremony that will take place during the Global Green Destinations Days conference in October, which will be held in Bodrum, Turkey.

Winners and finalists were selected by an expert panel representing 12 international organizations. Through their sustainable tourism stories, available on sustainabletop100, Vail and the other top 100 global sustainable destinations provided extensive information on efforts to make themselves more sustainable for the benefit of travelers and local communities.

Vail described the challenges of waste diversion in a mountain resort community, its submission was taken care by the town’s environmental sustainability team.

Vail is home to over 5,400 year-round residents and welcomes 2.4 million visitors annually.