Kryon announces a joint offering for enterprise automation with Software AG

Kryon announces a joint offering for enterprise automation with Software AG
The Siliconreview
12 May, 2020

There is nothing better than companies coming together to solve industry’s problems. Recently, a full-cycle automation solution provider, Kryon, and Software AG announced new capabilities in their integrated process-driven RPA solution within Software AG’s ARIS platform. Software AG’s Process Mining and Process Management capabilities and Kryon Process Discovery real-time user behavior insights and Full Cycle Automation Suite, create essential elements for successful RPA.

The collaboration makes it possible for enterprises to create a sustainable automation process with Process Mining, analyze the process details with Kryon’s Process Discovery and import them into Software AG’s ARIS platform. From there, processes can be automated to improve operational efficiency, eliminating human error. The joint solution provides all required building blocks for efficient process orchestration along every step of the RPA lifecycle.

"The strategic partnership between Software AG and Kryon began back in 2017. It’s exciting to see how far we’ve come and what a profound impact we’ve had on the future of work,” said Harel Tayeb, CEO of Kryon. “Our combined solutions offer what no other RPA vendors in the market can — the ability to scale up enterprise automation. Especially in these times where employees are working remotely, discovery bots work behind the scenes to find the processes without the need for human intervention.”