Building Your Brand with Signage - Why Business Signs are so Important

Building Your Brand with Signage - Why Business Signs are so Important
The Siliconreview
10 June, 2020

So, you know the importance of having a website and how SEO can help increase the number of organic traffic to your site, which can result in new customers finding your business. You might also be active in engaging with your customers on social media. With so many digital marketing strategies that work available — are business signs still worth it?

There are a variety of interior and exterior signs available. Most business signs have your company’s logo on them, as well as some simple information that reflects what your brand is all about.

So, why are signs so significant? Well, because they’re all about creating a constant branding presence, which can help your business grow!

Increase brand exposure

Signs both inform about your business and allow people to begin forming an opinion of your business. Your signs allow people to start forming an opinion of the quality of your products or your services.

Because of how signs increase your brand exposure and opinions about your company, you want to make sure they are as high-quality and well-designed as possible. A poorly-designed sign can hurt your brand because people will make a negative assumption about your brand. But if you have a great design, you’ll have an increase in brand exposure.

Stay in competition

When done correctly, signage allows your business to stay in competition with other businesses. Every business wants to find ways to stick out — which means getting creative with both digital marketing and signage. To help yourself stick out, you need to develop unique and aesthetically pleasing signage that represents your brand.

Where you place your signs also matters. You want to find high traffic areas that allow many people to discover your company. However, you also need to think of the sign’s proximation to your business to draw people to your store.

Promotional strategy with longevity

Other types of marketing material, such as newspaper advertisements, are frequently only used for a set amount of time. Even social media advertisements are only seen for a short amount of time. However, signs can be used all hours of the day, all year long. Depending on the type of sign, you can reuse it, even moving it to different locations.

Therefore, signs are one of the more cost-effective forms of advertising. While they can be expensive to produce (depending on the type), the longevity of them makes them an effective marketing strategy.

Reach wide audience

Signs are a way to reach a wide audience. This is because exterior signage can be seen 24/7 by anybody that happens to pass by the sign. And when you use consistent branding across all your signage, people will begin to recognize your brand, which allows them to start developing a relationship with your business.

To build consistency with your branding, make sure to be consistent with the logo, colors, and fonts. Any physical signs should also match your digital marketing materials, so that people can recognize your brand both online and offline.

Many styles available

There are a wide range of styles of signs available, allowing you to find a size and style that meets your needs. Exterior signs, which can be stuck in the ground, or used on the side of a building, draw the attention of people passing by. Interior signs are used to direct people around your business or to provide needed information. Billboards also count as a type of signage. While billboards used to be expensive, digital billboards are cheaper to produce and easier to switch out, which allows more businesses to utilize them.

Creating signage for business

When it comes to creating signage, there are business and corporate signage specialists who can help you design the best signs for your business. Working with a specialist can help you discover what style and size of sign will meet your business needs. They may even be able to help you create the design for your sign.

Before you talk to a specialist, have an idea in mind of what purpose the sign will serve, where you want the sign, and what your budget is. This will get the conversation off to a good start!

Final thoughts

So, business signs are just as important as digital marketing when it comes to building your brand! No matter the size of your business, consider using signage to help draw further attention to your business. No matter if you go big with a billboard or if you use yard signs, you’re still building your brand.