New research shows Elderberry Syrup boosts the immune system

New research shows Elderberry Syrup boosts the immune system
The Siliconreview
29 June, 2020

Researchers have found that the folk medicine elderberry syrup extracted from the European elder tree (Sambucusnigra) shows several health benefits and most importantly boosts the immune system irrespective of age groups. The elderberry syrup is considered as the old-fashioned remedy which was earlier used to fight a cold or flu. But the potential immune health benefits of elderberry syrup are still embraced by many in today's world of modern medicine.

"There's wisdom in the natural world, and my preference is using plant medicine instead of pharmaceuticals when there's little or no risk. Elderberry is one I feel good about because it's been used for so long and in so many different cultures," says Dr. Julia Getzelman, a San Francisco pediatrician. Elderberry syrup is made out of dried flowers and berries of the European elder tree, where the flowers and berries are also made into extracts, teas, pills, and even gummies.

Elderberry syrup can be used by people of all ages. It is also stated that it has antiviral health benefits that can help ward off the coronavirus causing the COVID-19 pandemic. It is reported that the sales of the syrup especially in the USA have been brisk since the pandemic began. Scientists are currently finding the potentially active components that boost immunity that is present in the syrup.