Audi and Hager group develops an all new bidirectional charging

Audi and Hager group develops an all new bidirectional charging
The Siliconreview
27 July, 2020

Audi and the Hager Group have joined hands to build a brand new bidirectional charging, a new approach that creates important financial incentives and will offer exclusive security of supply. Audi's unique idea is a genius because the high voltage of the electric vehicles is not only charged by wall box at home but can also supply energy back to the house as a decentralized medium for storage.

This will help the customers who have a photovoltaic system; the electric car will be temporarily serving as a storage medium for domestically generated eco-electricity.  The vehicle can supply the stored electricity to home if it is cloudy or raining. Bidirectional charging will also save electricity and has more significant potential to reduce electricity cost and will increase network stability.

"Using the battery of electric vehicles to contribute to climate protection while lowering electricity costs, and at the same time is a vision that we have found fascinating since the beginning. And we have found an ideal partner in Audi," stated Ulrich Reiner, project manager of Hager Group. This new move by Audi and Hager group is welcomed by all, and people are waiting for the launch of it.