Digital marketing technology provider Jivox announced about it patent for “Kairos”

Digital marketing technology provider Jivox announced about it patent for “Kairos”
The Siliconreview
30 July, 2020

Digital marketing technology provider Jivox recently made an announcement regarding its patent on purchase prediction technology designed for ecommerce. Kairos is powered by the company's machine learning and artificial technology.  The new engine is aimed at helping ecommerce companies with product affinity and user scoring ranking algorithms based on immediacy indicators, interests, and exhibited purchase intent. CEO of Jivox, Diaz Nesamoney, has stated that most of the brands right now are experiencing a major shift to online shopping. Due to this, there is a need for personalized, one-to-one, and product-specific advertisement. Furthermore, Diaz added that the key to engaging with customers successfully lies in how we apply different components in real-time to the tailored ad creative. Usually, the creative is tailored based on products and other features like colors, sizes, and models.

The word "Kairos" originated in Greece and it means opportune moment. This is exactly what the technology does; it captures the consumers' attention and delivers the right messages to convert them into sales. Jivox makes use of the in-memory clustered Personalization Hub technology to store, identify, and process the consented data. The Personalization Hub is well-known for processing more than trillions of data to generate predictions about customers.