PS5 is expected to get a massive specs boost from Sony’s new patent

PS5 is expected to get a massive specs boost from Sony’s new patent
The Siliconreview
10 July, 2020

Recently Sony had unveiled its next-gen gaming console PlayStation 5. The new console's performance is expected to lock horns with the Microsoft's Xbox Series X, which has some very powerful specs and interesting features.  Sony filed a patent recently, according to which they can now use cloud technology to support the backward compatibility feature in the new console and Sony very much looking forward to add this feature. According to the speculation, games that were released for the previous-gen consoles can be saved accesses through Sony's cloud gaming technology. The concept might not seem alien, but when you look at the paperwork, it reveals a lot of new specifics that certainly will make the PS5 unique.

The diagram, which was roughly drawn, shows that games from previous-gen consoles were being broadcasted from the cloud on to the different screens. Furthermore, some references show that the new console will have a feature in which gamers can record non-playable and playable footage from the old games. The create button on the PS5 controller is anticipated to record segments from the games with backward compatibility. The new patent can also end up like other place holder patents of Sony, which might never be worked on again.