Google’s app to use your searches to make personalized recommendations

Google’s app to use your searches to make personalized recommendations
The Siliconreview
28 August, 2020

Google is trying to bring back its two-year-old "Snapshot" feature in Google Assistant for iOS and Android. Google had introduced this service in 2018 in its Google Assistant Snapshot to help mobile users stay on top of their day by showing important information like appointments, reminders, commute times, stocks, and packages in transit. Today, Google is again rolling out a series of updates to make the feature more useful and personalized. This includes the addition of tasks, push notifications for birthdays, and even suggestions of podcasts, restaurants, recipes, etc.

Google Assistant will recommend recipes you may want to cook, podcasts to stream, or nearby restaurants offering delivery with the latest update. The Snapshot will also display a summary of your essential tasks right at the top of the screen. This may include reminders for things like birthdays or holidays, too. It will even send push notifications about upcoming birthdays, directing you to a card where Snapshot suggests various actions.

Like calling, texting, or singing a personalized birthday song, the other features are also included. The birthday notifications are live for English-speaking markets to start, Google says. The Google Assistant app will also send exclusive  notifications for things like flight and event updates, upcoming bills, and due date reminders.