Latin American plant-based powerhouse NotCo gets $85M for US expansion

Latin American plant-based powerhouse NotCo gets $85M for US expansion
The Siliconreview
11 September, 2020

The Chile-based NotCo Company, which is considered a plant-based powerhouse, has got a whopping amount of investment to expand the firm in America. NotCo uses modern technologies to create plant-based substitutes to make products healthier and tastier than the other conventionally available products. Using an algorithm, the firm uses data to figure out what contributes to the taste, texture, and feeling of food, then work with plants to replicate and improve on that formula.

The firm aims to use technology to create tasty, accessible, affordable, healthy, and sustainable food. The Chile-based company uses technology to mimic dairy, meat, and eggs and hopes to extend its success in Latin America with products available by early 2021.  And with a new $85 million investment round announced, NotCo will move into the United States, Mexico, Peru, and Colombia.

NotCo isn't well known in the United States yet, but it's one of the fastest-growing food tech startups in Latin America. The company's approach to improving the food system is different than most companies out there. The food industry has traditionally focused on single aspects of product nutrition, taste, sustainability, price, protein, calories, and fat; NotCo uses data to take a holistic view.