Uber Freight launches two new transportation management products

Uber Freight launches two new transportation management products
The Siliconreview
09 September, 2020

Truckload broker Uber Freight has released two of its new transportation management products. It is aimed at large shippers, so that the company is placed at a realm of as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider. Uber Freight's new products will allow large-volume shippers to source capacity through it, while also getting visibility into truck estimated arrival (ETAs) and getting a digital access to load documentation.

The second product, which is the Uber Freight link, will allow the shippers, which contain large volumes, to use the enterprise product to manage and execute the freight network loads. Uber's move to enter into SaaS allows many shippers to essentially use Uber Freight's software as their platform to manage all truckload freight. It is also said that the new enterprise products contain significant evolution among digitally-focused brokers and international forwarders, thereby making it the most relevant and optimized shipment management within their networks.

Uber Freight has stated that these new enterprise link products will help the shippers to enable or broadly use its one-tap tendering, visibility, exception management, and digital documentation technology across their full carrier networks. This new move by Uber will help them become a leader in the Freight management system, while also providing the best SaaS services.