How live sports betting has revolutionized the industry

How live sports betting has revolutionized the industry
The Siliconreview
14 October, 2020

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How Live Sports Betting has revolutionized the Industry When online sportsbooks started to break into the mainstream, much of their popularity was due to the convenience of betting from your computer or mobile device. While that positive remains, one of the reasons reputable sports betting sites reign supreme is the advent of live sports betting. Its popularity amongst bettors has revolutionized the industry and has even helped some sports betting stocks boom. Below are five of the biggest reasons why live sports betting has revolutionized the industry.

The ability to jump in on the action

Worked late? Forgot the start time of the game? Sitting at a bar with a random game on the screen. Or Just like what you see from one side while watching. Well, the beauty of live sports betting is you can jump into the action and bet on what you are watching.

Live betting on games and events opens as soon as the game commences and changes as things happen. As the technology behind live betting continues to improve, live betting markets are posted faster and more accurate. The advancement of betting technology, faster internet speeds, and mobile devices also make live sports betting more accessible and more popular.

The rising popularity of second half overs/under lines

One of the most popular live sports bets is the second half over/under (also available on other sports such as hockey and baseball, just labelled as live game totals). Why does this bet trump many others? Well, live over under betting is, in many ways, independent from who will win. It also allows bettors to cheer for either offense or defense, instead of betting on one side.

Also, because of half-time in sports such as basketball, soccer and football, second half over/under lines are one of the few live betting options where you have a bit of time to think before placing your wagers.

The ability to hedge wagers is easier

Hedging wagers is when you bet on opposites sides to help minimize what you lose. However, with live betting, hedging wagers can result in winning double. As live betting technology continues to advance, live betting lines post faster, and bets placed on them process quicker. What does faster betting technology has to do with hedging wagers and the potential to double your winnings. Let us explain with an example.

Say you bet on a National Football League game. The home team is the favorite at -3.5, and you bet on them before the game. After a few drives, the home team is up 10-6. As the game continues, online sportsbooks move the live point spread. Now the home team could be -7.5 point favorites. With the line increasing, you can now bet on the underdog and win twice, if the favourite wins by between four and seven points.


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You can cash out on live wagers

Although this one is not true for every type of live wager (especially if you parlay live bets), it is definitely a benefit. If you do not know what cashing out means, let us explain. Basically, it is the option to take some of your potential winnings before the end of the event. Although cashing out early will not pay you out in full, it does guarantee you will either not lose as much or make some profit, no matter what transpires in the rest of the event. Cashing out on some pre-match wagers is also available, although what is available to cash out on is dependent on where you bet on sports. 

Live sports betting is plenty of fun

Even if it is a few bucks, betting on whatever you are watching is fun. From the race to a specific score or what will happen on the next drive in an NFL game, live betting gives sports bettors plenty of options to enjoy and make a mundane game into the most exciting part of your day.

Bets like what will happen on the next drive in an NFL game or what team will score next are unique to live sports betting and have attracted more people to switch from old school betting to using online sportsbooks.