The new Google Analytics will have 4 new groundbreaking features

The new Google Analytics will have 4 new groundbreaking features
The Siliconreview
16 October, 2020

Four new features were announced by Google for its Analytics suite to get better ROI and improve marketing decisions. The key features are deeper integration with Google Ads, granular data control, smarter insights, and customer-centric data measurement. Google had previously reported that a study conducted by it has shown that marketers are finding it difficult to get a proper view of the customers and obtain useful insights from that datasets. The new update will give marketers the required data to make long-term plans and improve the ROI. New and more intelligent analytics was created by Google to automatically surface the helpful insights and give the marketer a complete understanding of the consumer’s platforms and devices.

The analytics can now instantly alert the marketer if there is an important trend. Websites can now be used to identify the products that are in high demand due to the rise in new customer demands. These predictions will help marketers to stay proactive by simply predicting the future demands of the customer. New predictive metrics are expected to be added eventually to make sure that the marketers can estimate their earnings from a particular customer group. A custom audience can then be created to reach customer groups of higher value.