iPhone, iPad to get Google Stadia cloud gaming service soon

iPhone, iPad to get Google Stadia cloud gaming service soon
The Siliconreview
24 November, 2020

Google in a recent announcement has confirmed that its cloud gaming service Stadia will be coming to iPhone and iPad via an upcoming web app. The tech giant is working on building a web app version of its cloud gaming service that will run on Apple’s Safari web browser (mobile version). It is supposed to be similar to the upcoming xCloud service from Microsoft that is supposed to go live in 2021.

Google was not able to bring the service to iOS devices at the time of its launch because of restrictions imposed by Apple. But Apple’s announcement in August opened the door for cloud gaming services to run on iOS devices. However, there is a catch as Apple’s App Store will review each and every game before it can run on its devices.

These are not the only two services to come to iOS devices. The GeForce NOW Cloud gaming service is already up and running on iOS Safari in Beta. It is also expected to feature the widely popular game Fortnite, which has been banned from the App Store as a result of Epic Games bypassing Apple’s standard 30 per cent fees.