Microsoft launches a new version of revamped security update guide

Microsoft launches a new version of revamped security update guide
The Siliconreview
10 November, 2020

Microsoft has described the format of its newly improved "Security Update Guide," which is used to see monthly security patch details in a recent announcement. The revamped guide had appeared as a preview during last month's "update Tuesday" patch release. The "Security Update Guide" is Microsoft's monthly publication chronicling security patch details for the common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) found in Microsoft's software.

The guide typically approaches or exceeds 100 pages in length and tends to be repetitive, making it a fairly tough read. Microsoft is promising that this newly revamped guide will be more succinct, with sentence-length descriptions boiled down to a single word, in some instances. Microsoft also promised that it is "scoring every vulnerability" according to the Common Vulnerability Scoring System with the release of the new guide.

Readers of this terse new version of the guide can get further information by hovering mouse cursor over a word in its table-like format. For instance, under the "Scope" for a vulnerability description the word, "Unchanged," appears. Perhaps the best new aspect of the revamped "Security Update Guide" is the ability for readers to show which columns will appear for a given vulnerability description