Pudu Robotics to launch Puductor2 to Improve Public Health Safety

Pudu Robotics to launch Puductor2 to Improve Public Health Safety
The Siliconreview
30 November, 2020

Pudo Robotics, in a recent press meet, has announced the release of Puductor2, a technology-based, anti-pandemic robot. This newly designed intelligent robot has two disinfection modes of ultra-dry mist and UV-C ultraviolet ray, featuring a large domain of walk, long detection distance, high positioning accuracy, and more robust environmental adaptability. Puductor2 further expands its application scope in locations such as government halls, schools, medical institutions, waiting rooms, airports, and other public places.

Against the pandemic's backdrop, European countries have adopted methods such as limiting the number of gatherings, early curfews, and lockdowns to fight this new battle without affecting the economy. Under a severe shortage of medical staff and medical supplies, the participation of robots in the fight against the pandemic will improve work efficiency and reduce the loss of medical supplies and substantially reduce contact between personnel, thus slowing the spread of the pandemic.

Among technical anti-pandemic robots, the most common one is "Pudubot," a Pudu Robotics product. It serves as a national high-tech enterprise home to R&D, design, production, and sales of commercial service robots. Its distribution service robots Pudubot, Bellabot, and Holabot, have been widely introduced in the catering industry, and cooperation with domestic catering giants such as Haidilao has been successively reached.