Google brings incertain security changes to Chrome extensions

Google brings incertain security changes to Chrome extensions
The Siliconreview
11 Decemebr, 2020

Tech giant Google will bring some security changes to Chrome extensions next year to make it more secure and transparent. You will have control over which website extension can access what you are browsing on the web. Currently, Google Chrome gives access to extensions to all the websites that you visit. But, starting next year, once you grant permission to an extension to access a website's data, your preference will be saved for that domain.

The firm has stated that the users can also decide to grant an extension access to all the websites they visit, but that is no longer the default. Besides this, every extension will publicly display its privacy practices to explain the data they collect and use starting January 18, 2021. The users will get to determine which websites the extension can access when they browse the web.

Google has been updating its security practices to help identify more harmful extensions before entering the Chrome Web Store. This year, earlier, it updated Chrome's Safety check-in Settings to help you quickly confirm if harmful extensions are installed and learn how to remove them. And now, the company is planning to launch more protections through Enhanced Safe Browsing.