Karakuri unveils the world’s first automated canteen to make meals

Karakuri unveils the world’s first automated canteen to make meals
The Siliconreview
08 Decemebr, 2020

Karakuri, the world's leading food Robotics Company, is bringing the future of food to life as it lifts the lid to unveil the world's first automated canteen. Karakuri's robotic system will revolutionize how and what we eat in restaurants, canteens, buffets, hotels, and supermarkets as demand for personalized nutrition grows and the industry's looks for new ways to operate in a post-Covid world; the robot is named DK-One, it prepares multiple orders at the same time.

Today the company is showcasing a pre-production version of their DK-One robot, the next exciting stage in Karakuri's journey to creating an entirely new category of made-to-order healthy convenience food. The company will show its first pre-production machine, which uses the latest innovation in robotics, sensing, and control technologies to offer freshly prepared, high quality hot and cold meals, which maximize nutritional benefits, restaurant performance and minimize food waste.

The pre-production version of the DK-One is being demonstrated and evaluated by customers in Karakuri's facility in Hammersmith, London. The DK-One is the world's first robotic solution for high throughput, fast turnaround, completely personalized, portion-controlled, volume catering.  Customers can customize and place their order from their phone or an in-store tablet. The robot will individually prepare each meal, selecting from 18 hot or cold ingredients with precise accuracy.