Big Blue will open source its quantum ecosystem to achieve global reach

Big Blue will open source its quantum ecosystem to achieve global reach
The Siliconreview
08 Febuary, 2021

In recent times, we are witnessing rapid advancements in quantum technology, and it has helped us in solving complex computational issues quickly. Due to the immense level of research work and high potential, the quantum computing field has picked up a lot of momentum. D-wave had made an announcement in the past about the availability of quantum computers to the general public for the development of Silq, and Intel had also made an announcement regarding Horse Ridge 2. We are just a month into 2021, and we have already got two major developments from tech giants Microsoft and IBM to ramp up innovations in the quantum computing space. IBM has revealed its action plan to develop software to support this upcoming project.

The Big Blue will now use the contents from the open-source community to mobilize and support the indie developers worldwide to make sure that quantum technology is easily accessible to everyone. The blueprints of IBM show that they will mainly focus on developing stellar algorithms for the circuits, creating best-in-class quantum circuits, and applying new algos to various fields. Qiskit runtime is expected to be released this year by IBM, and it will serve as an extension to the ecosystem that is already running circuits at a higher speed.