Game development studios of Google Stadia is all set for closure

Game development studios of Google Stadia is all set for closure
The Siliconreview
19 Febuary, 2021

Recently, search engine giant Google has appreciated its in-house game development studios for doing a commendable job. According to the latest update, the search giant has decided to shut down the in-house studios developing games for Stadia. Verge has reported that the news was very unexpected for both the Stadia dev team and customers alike because just a week prior, Google had said that the studios were making great progress. VP at Google and general manager of Stadia, Phil Harrison, had recently mentioned in a staff mail that Stadia Games and Entertainment was making immense progress in building a team of a talented and diverse set of people establishing an excellent lineup of exclusive titles for Stadia. The email furthermore contained news about objectives for 2021.

Now instead of delivering the goals for Feb month, the studio is all set to be shut down. Reports suggest that Google is worth more than $1.4 trillion, and this makes it difficult to understand why it decided to shut down the development studios, especially when the time was allotted to substantiate themselves. Harrison commented on the ongoing shutdown and stated that shutdown was coming even before the mail, and he just wanted to commend the efforts put in by the developers.