Infobesity: Quantum Computers to the Rescue

Infobesity: Quantum Computers to the Rescue
The Siliconreview
19 Febuary, 2021

“It is going to be like the classical computer was in the ’70s.”

Information is overflowing that our computers are struggling to find ways to utilize it justly. We need something superior to existing computers to the rescue, something with extraordinary processing abilities—quantum computers. Simply put, the existing computers are now living on borrowed time.

Quantum computers don’t function faster than existing computers, but they can do things differently, making them an ideal choice to streamline the information flow better.

Stevano Sanvito, a professor of condensed matter theory at Trinity College Dublin and leader of the computational spintronics group, which is working on designing materials best suited to quantum computing—told Irish Times: “It is going to be like the classical computer was in the ’70s.”

He predicts quantum computers are all set to revolutionize medicine and financial industries in the next five to 10 years. Predicting financial markets accurately and finding new drugs quickly are a few examples of how quantum computers will make a difference.

“Quantum computing will allow us to solve problems that at the moment cannot be tackled because they are too complex or too large for classical computers,” Mr. Sanvito says. “We will be able to solve problems that require manipulation of enormous amounts of data.” He was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

Qubits: The basic unit of information in a quantum computer is called a qubit or (sometimes qbit).