AWS launches new lower-cost storage classes for elastic file system

AWS launches new lower-cost storage classes for elastic file system
The Siliconreview
10 March, 2021

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), in a recent announcement, has stated that it will be unleashing the all-new Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) One Zone storage classes that will reduce the storage costs by almost 47 percent when compared to the already existing Amazon EFS storage classes. The firm also added that the new class of storage classes would deliver the same features and benefits. The One Zone storage classes redundantly store data within a single Availability Zone (AZ).

This new storage facility offered by AWS is ideal for customers who want cost-optimized file storage options managing workloads and applications that do not require any durability offered by regional Amazon EFS storage classes that store data across multiple geographically separated AZs. There are no minimum commitments or up-front fees. And customers have to pay only the amount of file system storage used.

With One Zone storage classes for Amazon EFS, customers will now choose a serverless yet fully managed file system that runs in a single AZ. It also cost lesser than the currently available storage systems. It allows customers to achieve a blended storage price while also offering higher and better availability than the traditional self-managed file systems. It also delivers the elasticity and durability benefits of Amazon EFS standard access.