AT&T to provide fiber-to-the-home expansion in 90 metro areas

AT&T to provide fiber-to-the-home expansion in 90 metro areas
The Siliconreview
15 March, 2021

AT&T Inc., America's multinational conglomerate holding company, has stated that it will bring fiber internet to many homes and businesses by the end of this year. The firm plans to increase its fiber footprint by expanding its internet services to three million customer locations across more than 90 metro areas. This will help the firm to raise its fiber deployment to about 18 million homes and businesses across the US.

The firm has also added that three million new locations will primarily consist of homes, enterprises, and businesses that are present in close proximity to AT&T's existing fiber installations instead of organizations present in entirely unserved areas. The company plans to invest in fiber, but it will also increase its incremental and economic case rather than targeting households. The firm also is planning to invest big in wireless connections.

AT&T has spent more time on AT&T's HBO Max and 5G mobile plans than on the fiber-to-the-premises construction in recent times. In a recent spectrum auction, the firm submitted the winning bids for nationwide access to 80 MHZ C-band spectrums. Now, the firm focuses on improving its data and fiber connection across the US and aims to offer faster internet services in more than three million locations by the end of 2021.