Google Cloud and Automation Anywhere to develop new automation solutions

Google Cloud and Automation Anywhere to develop new automation solutions
The Siliconreview
18 March, 2021

Automation Anywhere, an America-based developer of robotic process automation (RPA) software, which employs software bots to complete business processes, and tech giant Google has announced a strategic, multi-year tie-up to improve and accelerate the cloud-based intelligent automation adoption globally. Both firms aim to leverage cutting-edge cloud automation services. Automation Anywhere, a leader in robotic process automation, is valued at over $6.8 billion.

Automation Anywhere's most reputed Automation 360 platform will be available on Google Cloud, and both the companies will together develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) and RPA-powered solutions, which will bring RPA capabilities and advancements to multiple Google Cloud products. It will also enable the two companies to closely align go-to-market teams to help the global business scale the innovative RPA capabilities.

Both the firms believe that by combining Automation Anywhere's capabilities with Google Cloud; it would be easy to migrate the overall platform onto Google Cloud. They can jointly come into the cloud market and bring more excellent value and technology to their respective customers. Meanwhile, Automation Anywhere has deployed more than 2.8 million bots to some of the world's largest enterprises to increase their investment in the cloud and automation sector.