IBM launches IT Service Management system for Lotte Hotels & Resorts

IBM launches IT Service Management system for Lotte Hotels & Resorts
The Siliconreview
25 March, 2021

Utilizing its expertise in the IT services industry, IBM's Global Technology Services unit has analyzed the status of Korea's leading hotel chain Lotte Hotels & Resorts' IT services. The firm has established standardized IT service policies and processes for almost 140 service requirements. IBM has completed all stages of IT Service Management (ITSM) services that include system building, testing, and employee training by utilizing its most advanced agile IT service method.

With the help of IBM's IT service and support, Lotte Hotels & Resorts will operate in 32 hotels in various cities, including Seoul, Jeju, New York, Moscow, and Hanoi. The standardized IT service processes for global chain hotels will provide more stability in the IT services; it will also enhance customer and employee satisfaction. With this deployment, the hotel can easily request appropriate IT services using the web or mobile when there is an IT-related issue.

On the other hand, IT managers can better manage their tasks and check the status of IT devices and assets such as PC, servers, and kiosks in each hotel chain, and manage them more straightforwardly and transparently. IBM has also stated that it will help many more businesses of leading domestic and foreign companies to innovate their IT service management systems and further lay the foundation for digital innovation.