IBM, Samsung, and M1 unveils cutting-edge 5G Industry 4.0 Studio

IBM, Samsung, and M1 unveils cutting-edge 5G Industry 4.0 Studio
The Siliconreview
18 March, 2021

IBM, Samsung, and M1 together have opened IBM's most anticipated 4.0 Studio, which will combine the advanced 5G connectivity with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), hybrid cloud, and edge computing capabilities. This new Studio will develop and test innovative industry 4.0 solutions for enterprises globally and in the Singapore region. The Studio will harness the power of the hybrid cloud and AI technologies.

Its advanced 5G capabilities will transform critical operations. They will drive new value for improving quality and productivity in the production lines that empowers the cloud-based service and quality control personnel. The Studio will also develop, test, and benchmark real-world industry 4.0 autonomous guided vehicles, collaborative robots, real-time AI visual, and 3-D augmented reality classification with acoustic recognition.

IBM has worked with Samsung and M1 to deliver vivid solutions that take advantage of the ultra-low latency, high reliability, and security of 5G connectivity to combine Samsung's state-of-the-art 5G network and mobile solutions with IBM's robust hybrid cloud, edge computing solutions, and AI technologies. This will be empowered by M1's engineering and network service expertise to design and integrate the 5g SA solutions and formulation of 5G test cases to meet the regulatory requirements.