NetSupport Group launches platform to ease teachers and students workload

NetSupport Group launches platform to ease teachers and students workload
The Siliconreview
31 March, 2021

NetSupport Group, an industry-leading provider of software solutions, has announced that it is launching a new EdTech solution, which is an enhanced international cloud-based classroom management and teaching platform. This platform aims to improve teacher workloads, wellbeing, and student engagement. The teaching platform will enable teachers and learners to move seamlessly between class and remote schooling.

The platform is developed in partnership with teachers and education professionals worldwide that ensures it is specifically designed to fit teachers' and students' various needs. Combined with its classroom management tools, the platform also provides website and application controls. Teachers can manage student behavior online and ensure that they are safe on task. Audio and screen sharing functions have also been included in the final release of the

This platform ensures to cater to the needs of teachers and students in a most precise manner. It can be easily installed and deployed to student devices and is completely intuitive for teachers and students. It helps to minimize disruption and ensuring teachers' workloads are eased. The platform also allows teachers to interact with students in real-time via chat, messages, and support requests, thereby making communication fluid even when working remotely.