3 Benefits Of Using Fax In Your Business

3 Benefits Of Using Fax In Your Business
The Siliconreview
27 April, 2021

The fax machine was invented in the 1960s. There’s a notion that it’s becoming obsolete, especially now that electronic communication is indemand. However, fax machines still serve their purpose in the corporate world. These convenient devicesare quick alternatives to sending or receiving documents from other offices compared with using postal mail or other delivery services that may take days for the other party to receive the message.

However, fax machines still benefit companies even when there are more advanced ways of communication. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Fast and Easy to Use

When you need to send important documents, there’s no need to scan each page one by one, save them into your computer, and send via email. Through the use of a fax machine, you’ll just have to feed the documents in the feeder and type in the number of the receiver. The receiver will then automatically receive an exact copy of the document that you sent. The whole process of sending the file to the receiver will only take about seconds or a few minutes, depending on the length of the documents you need to send. This works best for businesses located in areas with weak or no Internet.

There’s an impression that operating a fax machine is quite complicated, but it’s easier than you think. There’s no need to spend much time just to figure it out. As long as you have the number of the receiver, feed the document properly, click the send button,it’s good to go.  What’s good about using fax is that there’s no need for Wi-Fi connectivity to send the documents, making it a suitable way of communication even during emergencies.

If you don’t have a fax machine or it suddenly broke down, and you need to send an important document via fax only, you can utilize Gmail fax which converts your document into fax format and allows you to send it to the recipient’s fax machine. This works for businesses that cannot afford the machine just yet or for those which only need one sparingly.

  1. Reliable Delivery

When you send a document via fax, you can be sure that the receiver will receive it as long as you’ve used the right number. It doesn’t have software viruses that may corrupt your file and infect your device. Apart from the viruses, it also keeps hackers at bay, ensuring the security of documents. The same document with the same format will be received by the other party, so tampering of documents is impossible.

There are some transactions wherein electrical transmissions of documents are not allowed, so the use of a fax machine comes in. With the advancement of technology, fax machines are taken to a higher level which is the secure online fax service.

Reliable online services like eFax allow you to receive and send documents directly via email. In this service, you can sign or edit the document. It’s also a preferred way of sending a fax format document when you want to directly send it to a particular person’s inbox for privacy concerns.


  1. Way of Communication

Most companies that need constant communication with their partners, suppliers, vendors, customers, or contractors find the use of a fax machine cost-effective compared with using computer networks or other technological ways. When you communicate via fax, both parties have a hardcopy as proof of the communication.

In some businesses, faxing is used as a sales tactic. This works well if your prospective client would most likely pick up and read a faxed information rather than read it via email. It’s a technique commonly used in real estate. Most companies send newsletters or press releases about a product or service that’s about to be launched.

However, before using your fax machine to communicate with prospective clients, make sure that they’re open to receiving messages from you. This could work for existing clients who would benefit from information about your new products and services too.

Improve employee tracking, productivity, and retention by providing this flexible communication option. After all, the trend now is to align business strategies with technology. Your business processes will go smoothly with the effective use of communication and such tools.

Final Thoughts

Fax machines hadevolved with technology.  There are fax machines that have all-in-one functionality—as a printer, copier, or as scanner— making them more essential in business operations. They make sending and receiving files easier. You likewise get reliability as your documents go through exactly as you sent them.