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Mining Technology Company Datamine Successfully Acquires Johannesburg-based Qmuzik

Mining Technology Company Datamine Successfully Acquires Johannesburg-based Qmuzik
The Silicon Review
27 April, 2021

Datamine, a leading mining technology company, has successfully acquired South-Africa-based Qmuzik, a market leader in nice software development, especially for manufacturing and mining industries. Both the companies share a similar vision that is to provide the mining industry with best-in-class, robust, next-generation, and cutting-edge technology that will help them to be at the forefront of digital innovation.

Qmuzik, the Johannesburg-based mining company, mainly has two product lines named Qmuzik ERP and Qmed, an occupational health and hygiene solution with leading market share in the entire South African mining sector and industry. Jan Small, CEO of Qzumik, will continue as the company's CEO; he further stated that Qmuzik would be operating as a standalone mining business sector with the Vela Mining group.

Datamine, which was established 40 years ago, was acquired by Vela's parent company, TSX-listed Constellation Software, in the year 2015. Datamine and Qzumik did not disclose anything about the deal details. This acquisition is another exciting add-on to the Datamine group. This deal will accelerate the mining company's technology adoption, low-cost financing, PE activity in the sector, and ongoing industry consolidation. It will also bring innovation to the mining sector.