UKGC Requires Brands to Integrate GamStop

UKGC Requires Brands to Integrate GamStop
The Siliconreview
08 April, 2021

UKGC stands for United Kingdom Gambling Commission and it is one of the strongest and the most appreciated gambling authorities in the world. They cover all UK casinos on the web and they control the payment methods, fairness, games, safety and so much more. For a casino on the internet, having this license is crucial if they want to offer games to UK players. Sadly, there are too many limitations and one of them is being a mandatory member of GamStop.

UKGC Obligated All UK Operators To Join GamStop

Now, all UK casinos or better said operators that offer games to the UK players must be part of GamStop. Just to clear the basics. GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme provider that helps players limit their gambling. In other words, a player will create the account on GamStop and choose the duration of the self-exclusion period. After that, all casinos in the UK that are members of this platform (all of the casinos with UKGC license) will limit the account of that player and won’t accept him. Only when the self-exclusion period expires a player will be able to play again at all UKGC casinos.

A while back this was an option for a casino. Some casinos participated in the scheme while others didn’t. Today, it is mandatory. If online casinos don’t accept the GamStop membership, they will lose their UKGC license and won’t be able to offer their games in the United Kingdom.

Don’t forget that this gambling authority has many other regulations and requirements that online casinos must meet. As a matter of fact, the list of these regulations is extremely long and too complicated to even try and explain. In other words, these casinos must jump through countless hoops just to offer their games to UK players.

Which Brands Don't Integrate With GamStop

Yes, there is an alternative or a solution for this regulation or an issue for some players. You can read more about UK casinos not on GamStop via and learn more about their features, specifics, offers and so much more.

In a nutshell, all online casinos that do not have a UKGC license are not or at least have the ability to choose GamStop. What this means is that a casino that doesn’t have nor needs a UKGC license can be available for all players who are on GamStop. These sites are still available to UK players and yes, they have plenty to offer. First of all, there are countless regulations that are commonly seen at UKGC casinos. For instance, in UK casinos that have this license, you cannot use a credit card to find the account. At casinos that are outside UKGC, using a credit card is still possible and accepted.

Keep in mind that these are safe and fair casinos to play games. They do not have a UK license, but they have a permit from other gambling authorities. For example, most of these casinos come with a permit from Curacao while some have a Gibraltar license. This makes them safe and allows players to enjoy the best gambling.

Other than this, these operators are well-known for offering stunning bonuses. Due to the fact they don’t need to invest huge amounts of money into regulations and meeting the latest requirements set by UKGC, they can offer better bonuses. Some players prefer these casinos specifically due to the bonuses available. You get a better welcome bonus and you get even more free spins. These are just a few of many options you have at your disposal.

We should add that casinos that do not support GamStop may offer some other platform of this kind. They all promote responsible gambling and allow you to block them via any other gambling blocker. Many of the sites also can direct you towards proper platforms for gamblers with addiction.


All you need to remember is that all casinos on the web that have UKGC license are members of GamStop. If you use this platform, you are unable to gamble at these casinos. But, you can play at sites that are not members of GamStop and that do not have a UKGC permit. They are still safe, come with great bonuses and offer all the perks you would expect.