Fortinet and Versa Selects Google Cloud Technology for SASE Networking

Fortinet and Versa Selects Google Cloud Technology for SASE Networking
The Siliconreview
28 May, 2021

Fortinet and Versa Networks have selected Google Cloud as its partner for SASE Networking. The company has stated that its customers can now take full advantage of Google Cloud Platform's (GCP)'s private backbone as an on-demand underlay. Both companies have also announced support for Google's Network Connectivity Center (NCC), allowing users to automatically route branch-to-cloud traffic over the public cloud provider's network.

Google recently had launched NCC in preview along with a robust integration with Cisco's Viptela SD-WAN. This service offered by Google effectively shifts the hub in a traditional hub-in-spoke network into GCP. It was Google's answer to Amazon's Transit Connect and Azure's Virtual WAN transport services. NCC provides a single dashboard for provisioning and managing VPN tunnels and SD-WAN interconnects.

Both the companies have claimed that their brand new capability will enable customers to spin up new branch sites within minutes; it will also allow them to enjoy the benefits of Google's private backbone. Their integration with Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center enables customers to easily and intuitively configure connectivity with Google's hub sites giving its customers the unique opportunity to secure the cloud on-ramp.