Highly Anticipated ‘Friends’ Reunion Arrives on HBO Max

Highly Anticipated ‘Friends’ Reunion Arrives on HBO Max
The Siliconreview
27 May, 2021

Friends, one of the best sitcoms of the 1990s and early 2000s, became super hit overnight and became the most popular show of the streaming era. As the show left Netflix, the fans went on to search for DVDs. Now, exactly after 17 years, the announcement of its arrival on HBO Max made the show's fans exuberant. Like so much else, it was delayed by the pandemic. On Thursday, fans finally get the reunion they have been waiting for when "Friends: The Reunion" hits HBO Max.

The trailer shows that the cast enters the intricately remade sets and immediately jumps top gear into nostalgia. Even the hugs had an emotional quality interlaced, which brings back all the old yet pleasant memories. It has left the fans burst into tears as they are being hit right in the feels from the very get-go.

Nonetheless, Friends thrived on being the comfort blanket to rid its fans away from the demons inside, and that's the outlook that Friends: The Reunion also envisioned; to make its fans laugh, cry but never overwhelm. They were there for all of their fans these years and were by their side one more time for one last hurrah.