Google’s IoT-focused Fuchsia OS to be launched on Nest Hub

Google’s IoT-focused Fuchsia OS to be launched on Nest Hub
The Siliconreview
31 May, 2021

Google's new and most anticipated IoT-focused Fuchsia OS is all set to be launched on Nest Hub after many years of speculation about the operating system. Fuchsia OS, which primarily has been known to be in development for the past two years, and Google also launched a developer site for it in 2019. Fuchsia is one of Google's experiments around new concepts for operating systems.

Fuchsia OS is very different from other OS. Google is currently operating systems like Android, Chrome OS, and Cast OS, predominantly using Linux kernel. Fuchsia OS is based on the Zircon kernel (formerly called Magenta). Whereas Fuchsia OS will be unique as the OS will have a robust storage platform when compared with the current operating systems.

At this point, all the changes are under the hood and there are no visual differences that are particular to Nest Hub users from the previous OS. The Fuchsia update for Nest Hub will be announced over the coming months. Google will first launch the Preview Program. The Fuchsia OS aims for minimal resource consumption to be used for a wide range of devices.